To save avoidable losses and deaths ALDO SAFETY proposes customer-specific measures.

The mission of ALDO SAFETY

There are many losses that could be avoided. There are many deaths that could be avoided.
We remember that Typhoon Hagibis (2019) caused an inundation to the Nagano Depot for Hokuriku-Shinkansen, resulting in a \30 billion loss for the operator. We have seen too many disasters around the world. When Hurricane Sandy attacked US northeast coast in 2012, one of the medical centers in New York experienced a blackout due to the inundation from storm surges. To save avoidable losses and deaths ALDO SAFETY proposes customer-specific measures.

We have 3 missions:

Saving the Earth.

You have heard about “climate change” or the “climate crisis.” Two cases of disaster mentioned above are associated with it. Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015, which aimed to reduce the emission of green-house gasses causing climate change. This reduction will be a tough challenge. We, along with others, will lead this process.

Providing the society with greater safety.

With a changing climate, the features of disasters become unprecedented and divergent. Its impacts depend on variety of factors including locations and vulnerabilities of stakeholders. From the viewpoint of individual customers, ALDO SAFETY will propose customer-specific measures to enhance the society of its safety.

Generating jobs in the field of safety.

A number of disciplines of science and technology are responsible to reduce disaster losses. We must integrate them to create the value of safety. This business that the society has never had before will generate many jobs.

Losses and deaths that could be avoided


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